The Truth About Cannabis

Comments on: "Legalise Cannabis Ireland March 05 May 2012" (6)

  1. My mam is seriouall ill with breast cancer that has spread. I have asked the doctor about sativex spary that was legalised in Ireland but waiting for them scratching their heads on the missuse of drugs act it cannot wait any advice would be appreciatied

    • Hi Carolyn, sorry to hear about your mam.

      It is rather sad to hear that there is still so much head scratching going on as far as Sativex is concerned.

      Sativex is unfortunately a weaker derivative of cannabis and is more for Multiple Sclerosis as it is a muscle relaxant. The cannabis oil from Rick Simpson would be more of what your mam would be needing. Please see: and also take a look at these comments from some of our blogg followers :

      Please also contact your local TD to find out why cannabis is not available as medication for patients.

      We hope that this helps a bit and wish you and your mam well

      • Hi,

        Thank you for your reply as you have mentioned i have been trying to get Rick Simpson’s cannabis oil for two months now and because i have never used cannabis or anything i never realised how difficult it is and how illegal it is i am now learning i didn’t have a clue before my mams cancer, i do admit i heard of it and thought it was something dangerous don’t even know what it looks like and now i’m trying anything to get it illegal or not, when i heard about the benefits of this plant after all when you think about it it grows in the soil not like what the drug companies do which does not work, i am now devoted to leagalise cannabis. Rick Simpson had to move from Canada or be arrested and in now living in Europe, he can only tell you how to grow and make it i would not have a clue and as for the solvents you cant just buy them here in Ireland. My mam needs it asap don’t know what to do xx

      • Hi Carolyn,

        The solvents you need are available in Ireland, we have a store next to us in Coolock that is selling them.
        Please see our website for our address etc.

        The Hemp Seed Team

  2. I will do what ever it takes to help my beautiful mam please reply
    Thank you for this forum
    Keep up the good work xx

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