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2 New CBD Autoflowering Strains

Royal Queen Seeds have released 2 new CBD Autoflowering strains

Stress Killer & Fast Eddy…

To find out more about these CBD strains, click on this link: RQS CBD Medicinal Cannabis Seeds

CBD Fast Eddy RQS CBD Stress Killer RQS

Dutch Passion Compassion Medicinal Cannabis Seeds

ComPassion by Dutch Passion has been created with medical users in mind, Levels of around 7-8% of both CBD and THC are typical. It’s a smooth, anti-anxiety, long lasting and enjoyable experience which allows you to function well and at the same time enjoy pain relief and tranquillity.

  Buy Dutch Passion ComPassion Medical Cannabis Seeds

Dutch Passion Compassion Medical Cannabis

Dutch Passion Compassion Cannabis Seeds


Dutch Passion Auto Ultimate Feminised Seeds Now In Stock !!!

Dutch Passion Auto Ultimate Feminised Seeds Now In Stock !!!

Dutch Passions Auto Ultimate is the Auto Fem version of their best seller ‘The Ultimate’. Find out more : Dutch Passion Auto Ultimate

Dutch Passion Auto Ultimate Now In Stock



Humboldt Seed Organisation Strains Now Available

Humboldt Seed Organisation Strains Now Available : Hempseed Humboldt Seed Organisation Link

Humboldt Seeds Organisation Strains

Humboldt Seeds Organisation Strains

New Barneys Farm Auto Strains In Stock Now

Barneys Farm New Auto Strains


Zambeza Seeds – Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Zambeza Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Zambeza Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Check out these awesome Zambeza Seeds.

Zambeza Seeds is currently one of the fastest growing companies in the world among the cannabis seeds suppliers. Their experience is based on years spent in Europe on developing, testing and growing a wide range of cannabis strains. This knowledge and many years of practice has made it possible for us to offer you the highest quality autoflowering and feminised cannabis seeds at affordable prices.

All Zambeza Seeds come in a unique tin, so storing these babies aint no problem !!


Dutch Passion Auto Xtreme

Dutch Passion Auto Xtreme Joe

AutoXtreme is Dutch Passion’s latest high-performance AutoFem cannabis variety

AutoXtreme is Dutch Passion’s latest high-performance AutoFem cannabis variety

Dutch Passion are pleased to announce a new partnership with DinaFem seeds of Spain.  DinaFem were formed 8 years ago by some of Spain’s best cannabisbreeders.  They brought together a selection of top quality genetics and combined this with a good reputation for thorough and professional breeding with a focus on high quality results rather than lowest price seeds.

DinaFems reputation for AutoFem’s is especially good and they were a natural partner for Dutch Passion who share their quality-focussed approach. Working with DinaFem has allowed Dutch Passion to work with a very well resourced and organised team.  It is a partnership built on a solid foundation of talented and committed cannabis professionals looking to create the best genetics for the home-grower.

Find out more : Hemp Seed Distributor Dutch Passion Auto Xtreme

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